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Jessi’s client-first mentality drives her service to our partners at Sun Valley Wealth. 

Our client-first approach to each person’s financial plan was first established by our team and the core principles of the advisors and professionals who work for Sun Valley Wealth. Jessi Johnson is one of those team members, both crafting and upholding our values as we work to bring our clients’ dreams to life with little-known retirement strategies that help them fund their short and long-term goals.

Now with more than a quarter of a century of experience in our industry, educating and helping our clients make sound financial decisions based on their objective is second nature. “Really, it comes naturally,” Jessi says. “When you’ve worked in this industry for such a long time and at every level, you get a good feel for where you stand and what your core values are. I know that mine are with the clients, and I enjoy the satisfaction of seeing a client create a scenario that helps them fund their ideal lifestyle, and the best part is, they make it happen for themselves.”

Jessi holds a Series 65 registration in addition to her life and health license, meaning she can provide a more expansive suite of services to our clients. That type of freedom truly allows her to embrace her role and stand at the sides of our clients as a teammate rather than as a coach. “I think my licenses and registrations allow me to get in the weeds with my clients. Obviously, I have a duty to provide education, and I don’t think any plan is complete unless my client understands exactly how it functions and works to achieve their goals, but I also think it’s important to be able to advise them in any matter and help them make actionable decisions,” Jessi says.

Jessi also holds an MBA from Rockhurst University in Kansas City. Because she was born and raised in that area, it remains near and dear to her heart. In fact, when Jessi isn’t in the office, you will likely see her in her classic Chiefs colors, as she’s a massive fan of the defending champions. “I know that it looks easy to be a Chiefs fan right now, but we went 50 years without a Super Bowl,” Jessi says. “It was different when I was growing up, and until 2020, we never quite reached the level we wanted to. That said, those difficult years have made the past five extra sweet. I’m really grateful for the past few seasons. I won’t forget them for the rest of my life, and I’m still excited for everything to come with the team.”

Though she still has so much love for the Kansas City area and visits often, she now resides in Arizona and absolutely adores it. Sun Valley Wealth is very family-oriented, which is so important to Jessi as she raises her daughter and her mini goldendoodle in the Scottsdale area. “The family aspect of our firm is my favorite thing. I met Don in the 90s, so we’ve had such a long time to build a quality relationship. Now our entire team feels so close and so tight knit that we’re beyond comfortable working together no matter what difficult task may arise,” she says.

In addition to teamwork, Jessi says that her listening skills play a major role in her ability to be successful as a financial professional. When she approaches a problem, she begins by gathering all the details. This entails listening to a client’s entire story before making any recommendations, working to assemble the right plan, or thoroughly researching a new topic before designing and implementing a strategy. “A lot of times you’ll find that your initial impressions and your end decisions are not the same,” she says. “As a person who loves statistics and logic puzzles, this job scratches the itch I have to solve problems and the hunger I have for helping others.”

In her free time, Jessi is an avid football fan, a food lover and a dedicated mother. Her daughter, Olivia, is a theatre student with a glowing and vibrant personality. “She keeps us on our toes in the best way possible,” Jessi says. “Her disposition is just amazing, and I love going to her shows. We’re always running lines together, and I love getting to see the behind-the-scenes action that goes on within a theatre show. It’s fascinating and so systematic and artistic.”

She’s also a Midwesterner through and through, always looking for new restaurants and barbecue spots that could possibly compete with the ones she frequents in her hometown. Though she hasn’t quite found a perfect match yet, she won’t quit trying. She also enjoys adventuring around the area and seeing the gorgeous landscapes and sights the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas have to offer. “We have the hills and grassy vistas in Kansas City, but we don’t have the beautiful deserts that Arizona has. It’s always a blast to either drive around or hike and see what we can find.”

Whether she’s at work or at home, people will always come first for Jessi. “I adore my job because it reflects my personal life. When I first started in this industry, I was working with clients face-to-face and helping them solve problems. After I took more of a leadership role in large firms, I moved away from that type of interaction. Now that I’m back, I know where I’m supposed to be, and it’s right next to clients who quickly turn into friends and chosen family,” she says.

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